The ISWI logo

Dear ISWI Participant:

The "ISWI Logo Contest" has a winning design. It was selected by the "ISWI Logo Selection Committee" -- consisting of Prof. Yumoto of Japan, Dr Amory of France, Dr Davila of NASA, and Dr Thompson of NASA. There were 23 logo design entries from 10 persons/groups.

The winning design comes from Dr Ben Cotts and his colleagues at Stanford University, California, USA.

From this page you can download JPEG images with high resolution (600dpi). Just click on the thumbnail, the corresponding high resolution image will appear in a new window. Click the right key and save it on your computer.

The above procedure can be shortened. Right-click on the thumbnail. Follow the context menu (SAVE Target as..or something similar, depending on your browser).

The winning logo design.
It is in English.
Logo design no text, but with an ISWI abbreviation. Logo design no text, no abbreviation.

The ICSWSE logo

Dear ISWI Participant:

The logo contest that was conducted this year (2012) to find a logo for the newly established "International Center for Space Weather Science and Education" has a winner. He is Mr Yusuke Miyamoto of Japan; he will receive the top prize in the near future. Congratulations Mr Miyamoto!

The selection committee thanks all those who sent in designs; eight designs were received during the course of the contest. Your effort to submit the best design is much appreciated by this committee.

- is a Chinese character (kanji) and it means: space, air or midair
It is second character in , which means "outher space"

George Maeda
Editor of ISWI Newsletter