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Sun and Geosphere
ISSN: 1819 - 0839
Volume 9, 2014


This special issue of Sun and Geosphere Journal contains selected papers on Heliosphere and Cosmic Rays, Ionosphere, Thermosphere and Mesosphere, Climate Studies, Data Analysis and Image Processing Methods, Atmospheric Physics, Space Weather Modeling and Space Weather Effects on Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), as well as follow-up projects in astronomy.

Originally, these papers were presented at the United Nations/Ecuador Workshop on the International Space Weather Initiative (ISWI) organized by the United Nations and the Quito Astronomical Observatory of National Polytechnic School. The Workshop was held in Quito, from 8 to 12 October 2012, in particular for the benefit of countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. Additionally, as a valuable result of this workshop, the Solar Physics Phenomena Division was established at the Ecuadorian Astronomical Observatory, where the Earth's atmosphere and its interaction with the Sun studies are carried out in close collaboration with academic institutions of Japan, Brazil and the United States.

The purpose of these proceedings is to introduce the most recent studies carried out in space science, space weather modeling and forecasting to students and the scientific community at large in contribution to the future development of space science. Although some time has elapsed since the 2012 ISWI Workshop, the papers presented in these proceedings continue to be relevant.

We hope that the space weather space science schools and the workshops will continue in the future strengthening existing research projects and fostering new research studies to help us to precise the foreground knowledge and understanding the complex phenomena that occur in the natural environment to which we belong.

Prof. Ericson D. Lopez
Guest Editor

Journal "Journal of Advanced Research"
Special Issue: Volume 4, Issue 3, (May 2013)

"Heliospheric Physics during and after a deep solar minimum";
IAGA-III International Symposium,
Luxor, Egypt, 13 - 17 November 2011
Pages 205-320


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Sun and Geosphere
ISSN: 1819 - 0839
Volume 6, 2011

From the Editor-in-Chief

The sixth volume of Sun and Geosphere is dedicated to the
First 2010 UN/ESA/NASA/JAXA Workshop on ISWI, which was held at Helwan, Egypt from 6th to 10th November, 2010. The Workshop was hosted by Helwan University, Egypt and sponsored by Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (Egypt), United Nations (UN), National Aeronautic and Space Administration (NASA), Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) and Space Weather Monitoring Center (SWMC-Egypt).

This volume consists of peer-reviewed articles written from participants in workshop above. Guest Editor: prof. Kiyohumi YUMOTO, Kyushu University, Japan.

Prof. Atila Özgüc

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Nigerian Journal of Space Research (NJSR)
ISSN: 0794-4489
Volume 8, March 30, 2010

From the Editor-in-Chief

This edition of Nigerian Journal of Space Research is dedicated to the International Heliophysical Year IHY African Regional School, which was held at Enugu, Nigeria from 10th to 22th November, 2009. The School was hosted by NASRDA Centre for Basic Space Science on behalf of Nigerian government.

This volume consists of peer-reviewed lecture notes from various instructors, who participated in the school. The topics covered during the school were in areas of Space Science known as heliospace and geospace. The School also featured hands-on laboratory classes on Mathlab. AFRIS2009 was poised at setting the pace for intensive capacity building in Space Science and Technology in Africa - an aim that was greatly achieved.

Prof. P. N. Okeke
Editor-in-Chief & Director, CBSS

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Indian Journal of Radio & Space Physics (IJRSP)
ISSN: 0367-8393 (print); 0975-105X (online)
Volume 39, Number 5 / OCTOBER 2010

An IHY workshop on
"Super Active Regions of Solar Cycle 23 and their Geo-space impact"
was organized at the Aryabhatta Research Institute of Observational Sciences (ARIES) during 7-10 May 2007.

The papers have been refereed and guest-edited by Drs. Wahab Uddin & P K Manoharan.

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Journal "Earth, Moon, and Planets"
Impact Factor 1.033/2008
Special Issue
Volume 104, Numbers 1-4 / April, 2009

International Heliophysical Year 2007, Second European General Assembly, Italy
Third UN/ESA/NASA Workshop, Japan Pages 1-360
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Climate and Weather of the Sun-Earth System (CAWSES)
Selected Papers from the 2007 Kyoto Symposium

Edited by

Toshitaka Tsuda
Research Institute for Sustainable Humanosphere, Kyoto University, Japan
Ryoichi Fujii
Solar-Terrestrial Environment Laboratory, Nagoya University, Japan
Kazunari Shibata
Kwasan and Hida Observatories, Kyoto University, Japan
Marvin A. Geller
School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences, Stony Brook University, USA
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