Web-sites of instruments

Most of ISWI Instruments have their own Web-sites. The list is seen below.

  1. Atmospheric Electric Field Network in South America (AFINSA)
    Home Page:  https://theafinsa.wordpress.com/
  2. African Dual Frequency GPS Network (AMMA)
    AMMA Home Page: http://amma-gps.ign.fr/page.php
    Free access to data from AMMA through the IGS ( ftp://igs.ign.fr/pub/igs/data/). Those who use the GPS data from the AMMA program are invited to acknowledge by citing: Bock, O., et.al., (2008) The West African Monsoon observed with ground-based GPS receivers during AMMA, J. Geophys. Res., V.113, D21105, doi:10.1029/2008JD010327.
  3. African Meridian B-field Education and Research (AMBER)
    AMBER Home Page:www.igpp.ucla.edu/public/ekassie/AMBER.html
    SAMBA-AMBER Magnetometers Data Center http://magnetometers.bc.edu/
  4. Atmospheric Weather Education System for Observation and Modeling of Effects (AWESOME) and SID (Sudden Ionospheric Disturbance Monitor)
    AWESOME & SID Program Home Page: http://solar-center.stanford.edu/SID/
    SID Data Browser: http://sid.stanford.edu/database-browser/ Free access to data
  5. Boston University All-Sky Imaging Network (BU_ASI)
    Home Page:http://www.buimaging.com Movies & Images
  6. Compound Astronomical Low-cost Low-frequency Instrument for Spectroscopy and Transportable Observatory
    Home Page:http://e-callisto.org/ Data & QuickLooks
  7. Continuous H-alpha Imaging Network (CHAIN)
    CHAIN Home page:www.kwasan.kyoto-u.ac.jp/CHAIN/
  8. Coherent Ionospheric Doppler Receivers (CIDR)
    CIDR Home page:http://cidrarray.siena-space.org/
  9. Global Muon Detector Network (GMDN)

  10. Low-latitude Ionosphere Sensor Network (LISN)
    LISN Home Page:http://lisn.igp.gob.pe/ Data & Status Map
  11. Magnetic Data Acquisition System (MAGDAS)
    MAGDAS Home Page:www.serc.kyushu-u.ac.jp/magdas/
  12. Optical Mesosphere Thermosphere Imager (OMTIs)
    OMTIs Home Page:http://stdb2.stelab.nagoya-u.ac.jp/omti/index.html
  13. Remote Equatorial Nighttime Observatory for Ionospheric Regions (RENOIR)
    RENOIR Page can be found (click here),
    in the Personal page of Prof. Makela under Research -> RENOIR
  14. South America Very Low frequency Network (SAVNET)
    SAVNET Home Page:www.craam.mackenzie.br/SAVNET/savnet2.htm
  15. Scintillation Network Decision Aid (SCINDA)
    SCINDA Home Page:www.fas.org/spp/military/program/nssrm/initiatives/scinda.htm
  16. Space Environment Viewing and Analysis Network (SEVAN)
    SEVAN Home Page:http://crd.yerphi.am/sevan
  17. SOlar Flares detected by Ionospheric Effects (SOFIE)
    SOFIE Home Page:http://www.projectlab-neustrelitz.de/sofie/eng/messserver.php