Contents of Volume 4, Issue 2

  1. E.Stoupel, V.Dulskiene, R.Kuciene, E.Abramson, P.Israelevich, J.Sulkes
    Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) and Environmental Physical Activity,
    Kaunas, 1995-2005.
    … …pp.45-49   

  2. Borislav D. Dimitrov, Penka A. Atanassova, Mariana I. Rachkova Cyclicity of Suicides May Be Modulated by Internal or External ~11-Year Cycles:
    An Example of Suicide Rates in Finland.
    … …pp.50-54   

  3. Germaine Cornelissen, Roberto Tarquini, Federico Perfetto, Kuniaki Otsuka,
    Marina Gigolashvili, Franz Halberg
    Investigation of solar about 5-month cycle in human circulating melatonin: Signature of weather in extraterrestrial space,
    … …pp.55-59   

  4. Olga V.Khabarova, Svetla Dimitrova On the nature of people’s reaction to space weather and meteorological weather changes,
    … …pp.60-71   

  5. S.Dimitrova, E.S.Babayev, F.R.Mustafa, I.Stoilova, T.Taseva, K.Georgieva Geomagnetic Storms and Acute Myocardial Infarctions Morbidity in Middle Latitudes,
    … …pp.72-78   

  6. S.Dimitrova Cosmic Rays Variations and Human Physiological State,
    … …pp.79-83   

  7. S.Dimitrova, E.S.Babayev, K.Georgieva, V.N.Obridko, F.R.Mustafa Possible Effects of Solar and Geomagnetic Activity on Sudden Cardiac Death in Middle Latitudes,
    … …pp.84-88