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Received on Jan 02, 2017
Prof Helen Mavromishalaki

Workshop on 10 years of operation of
High resolution Neutron Monitor Database-NMDB

March 20÷23, 2017, Athens, Greece

web-address http://cosray.phys.uoa.gr/index.php/workshops2/10-years-nmdb

The "10 years of Real-time Neutron Monitor Database" Anniversary Meeting will take place in Athens (Greece), on 20-23 March 2017.

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The Real-time Neutron Monitor Database for high-resolution neutron monitor measurements (NMDB) was created by teams from 12 different countries. It was funded in 2008-09 by the European Unionís 7th Framework Programme as an e-Infrastructures project in the Capacities section. NMDB started with the idea that all neutron monitors provide their data to NMDB, making them available to scientists and other potential users of the international community.

In addition, this FP7 project included the improvement of the internet connectivity to neutron monitors at remote mountain sites, the development of an affordable standard registration system, the establishment of a common data format, the development of tools for data provision, data repre- sentation, and data retrieval, and the provision of web-based data products. NMDB provides the NM data in a single data format and allowed for the first time to use real-time data from several NMs for space weather applications.

NMDB 2008
NMDB 2016

Since the beginning of NMDB in 2008 the database has been updated with more and more Neutron Monitor stations worldwide. In parallel, important technological improvements considering the data correction and elaboration have been applied. The scientific publications using NMDB data have demonstrated the importance and the possibilities of NMDB for space weather studies.

To celebrate the 10 years anniversary of NMDB, since the ATHENS COST-724 Workshop
(2÷4 April 2007), a dedicated workshop will be held in the Campus of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens located in Zografos, on 20÷23 March, 2017.

The first two days of the meeting will be devoted to scientific and technological presentations. The next two days will be dedicated to discussion on NMDB and its future.

Kind regards,
Prof Helen Mavromishalaki
Head of Athens Neutron Monitor Station
Nuclear and Particle Physics Section
Faculty of Physics
National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
Zografos 15771 Athens Greece
Email: emavromi[at]phys.uoa.gr
There will be both oral and poster presentations.