Meetings related to VarSITI in 2017

Received on Dec 22, 2016
by Dr Irina Despirak
local organizator

40th annual Seminar on Physics of the auroral phenomena
March 13÷17, 2017, Apatity, Murmansk region, Russia

Host: Polar Geophisical Institute, Apatity
The working languages of the Seminar are Russian and English.

web-address http://pgia.ru/seminar/

Basic problems of space plasma and atmosphere physics related to the above mentioned phenomena are discussed. Significant attention is also paid to the results of geophysical observations and instrumentation.

Besides standard contributions (oral and poster), several invited speakers present lectures intended to educate young scientists.

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Important Dates
Registration and abstract December 23, 2016

The program of the seminar includes discussions of the rather wide range of phenomena, such as geomagnetic disturbances, auroras, wave processes, solar-terrestrial relations, etc.

1. Geomagnetic storms and substorms2. Fields, Current, Particles in the magnetosphere
3. Waves, wave-particle interaction4. The Sun, Solar wind, Cosmic rays
5. Ionosphere and upper atmosphere6. Low atmosphere, Ozon
7. Heliobiosphere

Contacts of the Organizing Committee:
Alexander Yahnin (ayahnin[at]gmail.com ),   Nadezhda Semenova (nadezhda.semenova[at]gmail.com) Irina Despirak (despirak[at]gmail.com)