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Heliophysics Summer School,
Long-term solar activity and the climates of space and Earth
1÷8 August, 2017 - Boulder, CO, USA

The school is based on lectures, laboratories, and recitations from world experts, and draws material from the four textbooks Heliophysics I-IV, published by Cambridge University Press. Once you go to that site, you will be able to see presentations sorted by Textbooks/Chapter, Speaker, Theme, Year.

A fifth volume, focusing on space weather and society, is now available on line as a “living document” that may grow in the coming years. Download it from www.lmsal.com/~schryver/HSS5/HSS5.pdf

Heliophysics Summer Schools by year:

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14th European Solar Physics Meeting
8-12 September 2014, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

The access to presentations is through the meeting website (click here).

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