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2nd VarSITI General Symposium (School)
A Concepts and Tools School for Students during the VarSITI 2017
9–14 July 2017, Irkutsk, Russia

Second VarSITI General Symposium web site is: http://varsiti2017.iszf.irk.ru/

Please sign up to the site to create an account and to pre-register. Deadline: May 1, 2017

“VarSITI Space Weather School” Email applications to: SSchoolVarSITI[at]iszf.irk.ru

Deadline of receipt of applications: 15 March, 2017

Advanced Concepts in Solar-Terrestrial Coupling in the Context of Space Weather

A Concepts and Tools School for Students during the VarSITI 2017 General Symposium
9-14 July, 2017 Irkutsk, Russia

School Webpage: http://en.iszf.irk.ru/Space_weather_summer_school_2017

First Announcement

Target Audience: Graduate (PhD) students working in heliophysics and space weather sciences (including star-planet interactions in exoplanetary systems) whose research will benefit from the school program and advanced Master students (Physics, Astrophysics or Space Sciences) who are desirous of pursuing a research career in space sciences.

Summary: The VarSITI 2017 General Symposium will host a school on Space Weather encompassing all aspects from solar origins to the Earth’s upper atmosphere. The school is being organized in collaboration with personnel from the Community Coordinated Modeling Center (CCMC/NASA), the Institute of Solar-Terrestrial Physics (Irkutsk, Russia), the Center of Excellence in Space Sciences India (CESSI) and the SCOSTEP-VarSITI program. The school will be based on the Space Weather Research, Education and Development Initiative which has been adapted for portable, remote hands-on demo and training purposes. This training program will be held the full day on Sunday, 9 July, 2017 and will be followed by two half-day interactive programs and demo sessions during the week of the Symposium. During the Symposium, the students will have the opportunity of listening to scientific talks by space weather scientists from around the world and interact with them.

The school will be a mix of introductory tutorials, demos and hands-on Labs. The one-day introductory program and tutorial lectures is geared towards the development of a broad overview of space weather domains and science concepts. In addition, demonstrations of specific tools and utilization of CCMC’s models and global web-based space weather resources will be conducted during the week.

Travel Plan School participants should plan to arrive at the Symposium venue by Saturday, 8 July, 2017 evening as the School starts on 9 July morning. Participants should plan to leave on Saturday, 15 July, 2017. For information on the VarSITI Symposium and other logistics refer to the main symposium webpage at: http://varsiti2017.iszf.irk.ru.

Application and Registration Process

Interested students should email (SSchoolVarSITI[at]iszf.irk.ru) their application as a single PDF file by the deadline 15 March, 2017. The subject-line of the email should contain “VarSITI Space Weather School” and the file should be named firstname_surname.pdf (where firstname and surname denotes that of the applicant).

The application package should contain the following information (embedded within the single pdf file):

a) Contact information, including, email, phone and mailing address

b) Curriculum Vitae

c) One page Statement of Purpose outlining the applicant’s motivation for attending this school

d) A reference letter from the applicant’s supervisor, containing his/her contact information and indicating support for the candidate’s attendance

e) Mention the requirement for accommodation support (Yes/No)

Candidates selected to attend the School will be notified by email and given further instructions for enabling their participation.

Financial Assistance
The registration fees will be waived for all selected school participants. Limited number of participants may receive accommodation support. If you wish to apply for the same, indicate so during the registration. No travel support will normally be provided and it is assumed that participants will arrange for their travel from alternative sources.

Email applications to: SSchoolVarSITI[at]iszf.irk.ru

Deadline of receipt of applications: 15 March, 2017