Project ISEST/MiniMax24
(International Study of Earth-affecting Solar Transients)

Goals and objectives: Understand the propagation of solar transients through the space between the Sun and the Earth, and develop space weather prediction capability.

Questions: How do coronal mass ejections (CMEs) and corotating interaction regions (CIRs) propagate and evolve, drive shocks and accelerate energetic particles in the heliosphere?

Data/theory/modeling: Establish a database of Earth -affecting solar transient events including CMEs, CIRs, flares, and energetic particle events based on remote sensing and in-situ observations from an array of spacecraft, run observation campaigns such as MiniMax24, develop empirical, theoretical, and numerical models of CME propagation and prediction, validate models using observations.

Anticipated outcome: A comprehensive database of Earth -affecting solar transients will be created, and space weather prediction capability will be significantly improved.

Co-leaders: Jie Zhang (USA), Manuela Temmer (Austria), Nat Gopalswamy (USA)

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