History of VarSITI

VarSITI was defined based on a community effort in the form of a forum organized by the International Space Science Institute (ISSI) in Bern during May 7-8, 2013.

The VarSITI program is the next scientific program of SCOSTEP (2014-2018)

Completed international interdisciplinary programs of SCOSTEP

1976-1979 IMS: International Magnetospheric Study
1979-1981 SMY: Solar Maximum Year
1982-1985 MAP: Middle Atmosphere Program
1990-1997 STEP: Solar-Terrestrial Energy Program
1998-2002 SRAMP: STEP-Results, Applications and Modeling Phase
1998-2002 PSMOS: Planetary Scale Mesopause Observing System
1998-2002 EPIC: Equatorial Processes Including Coupling
1998-2002 ISCS: International Solar Cycle Study
2004-2008 CAWSES: Climate and Weather of the Sun-Earth System
2009-2013 CAWSES-II: Climate and Weather of the Sun-Earth System-II