Contents of Volume 1, Issue 2

Guest Editor: Atila ÖZGÜC

Atila ÖZGÜC Preface to the Vol.1, No2, 2006, “Sun and Geosphere”

  1. Gopalswamy N. Consequences of Coronal Mass Ejections in the Heliosphere
    … …pp.5-12   

  2. Stoupel E., Babayev E.S., Mustafa F.R., Abramson E., Israelevich P., Sulkes J. Clinical Cosmobiology - Sudden Cardiac Death and Daily/Monthly Geomagnetic, Cosmic Ray and Solar Activity - the Baku Study (2003-2005)
    … …pp.13-16   

  3. Joshi B., Manoharan P. K., Veronig A. M., Pant P., Pandey K. Multi-Wavelength Analysis of an X2.7 Flare on 3 November 2003 from Active Region NOAA10488

  4. Otruba W. Solar Monitoring Program at Kanzelhohe Observatory
    … …pp.21-24   

  5. Aburjania G.D., Chargazia Kh.Z., Khantadze A.G., Lominadze J.G. Generation Mechanism and Propagation Features of the Ionospheric Weather Forming ULF Electromagnetic Wave Structures
    … …pp.25-27   

  6. Buchvarova M., Velinov P. An Empirical Model for Determination of the Cosmic Ray Spectra
    … …pp.28-31   

  7. Myagkova I.N., Kuznetsov S.N., Panasyuk M.I., Muravieva E.A., Starostin L.I., Ivanova T.A., Pavlov N.N., Rubinshtein I.A., Vedenkin N.N., Vlasova N.A. Solar Flares, Solar Energetic Particle Events and their Influence on near-Earth Environment in May 2005 as Observed by CORONAS-F and UNIVERSITETSKIY-TATIANA Spacecrafts

  8. Kobylinski Z., Wysokinski A. On the Long-Term Consistency of the Magnetic H Component and K Indices at the Swider and Niemegk Observatories (1921-1975)
    … …pp.37-41   

  9. Chandra R., Uddin W. Analysis of 3B/X2 Class Flare on November 24, 2000 and Associated Phenomena
    … …pp.42-45   

  10. Koshkin N.I., Korneichuk L.V., Korobeynikova E., Ryabov M.I., Sukhov K. The Features of Change of the Drag Perturbations of Artificial Satellite Orbits During Extreme Developments of Solar Activity in Years 2003-2004
    … …pp-46-49   

  11. Babayev E.S., Hashimov A.M., Asgarov A.B., Yusifbeyli N.A., Shustarev P.N.
    On Microwave Radio Scintillation Effects and Space Weather Impacts on Electric Power Supply Systems in Middle Latitudes
    … …pp.50-55   

  12. Tulunay Y., Tulunay E., Altuntas E., Yapici T.
    Near Earth Space Activities: A Turkish Initiative - “IHY-2”
    … …pp.56-60   

  13. Iizuka Y., Agata H., Oe M., Hiei E. Scientific Dissemination of Eclipse Events in Japan
    … …pp.61-62