150th Anniversary

of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Academic journal of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

ISSN 2683-0302 (on line)
ISSN 0007-3989 (print)


Issue 5/2019


Michail Stanchev, Olga Vovk, Natalia Krasko Nazar Aleksandrovich Karazin in the Light of New Documents


Yuri Belousov European Integration of Bulgaria in Historiography


Sergey Lyman, Anatoliy Parfinenko International Relations in the Balkans during the Middle Ages in the Works of Mikhail Petrov and Marin Drinov


Dmytro Mykolenko Corruption in Bulgaria at the Turn of the 19th and 20th Centuries as Manifestation of the Political Legacy of Stefan Stambolov


Shkabura Ivanovich The "Rakovsky Case": the Strategy of the Conduct of the Soviet Plenipotentiary in Paris (End of August ÷ Middle of October 1927)



Letter from Ivan Evstratiev Geshov to the Board of Directors of the Bulgarian Literary Society


Letter from the Heirs of Ivan Evstratiev Geshov to the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences




Ilza Pajeva Alexander von Humboldt and His Contemporary Followers


Yachko Ivanov 85th Birthday of Prof. Peter Zam, Foreign Member of BAS


Katya Charalozova Contributions of Academician Alexander Teodorov-Balan to the Development of the Bulgarian Linguistic Science and to the Education in Mother Tongue


Alexander Alexandrov, Vassil Sgurev, Ivan Iliev Nikolai Haitov – Forester and Nature Defender, Writer and Public Figure


Vassil Golemanski A Noted Creator and Organizer of the Bulgarian Parasitological Science


Margarita Topashka, Vassil Golemanski Life Dedicated to Biology and Humankind


Elisaveta Valchinova-Chendova 85th Anniversary of Academician Vasil Kazandzhiev


Nikolay K. Vitanov 75th Anniversary of Academician Stanimir Troyanski


Nikolay K. Vitanov 70th Anniversary of Corresponding Member Emil Khorozov



Ivan Popchev, Irina Radeva The New Paradigm and Risks in the Relationship "Human – Digital Environment"



Vassil Sgurev, Plamen Vachkov The Decisive Role of the Institute of Information and Communication Technologies in the Initiation and Development of the PC Industry in Bulgaria



The Government Has Allocated 5 Million BGN for Emergency Repairs to BAS


High Recognition


Acknowledgment of a Bulgarian Scientist



Corresponding Member Lyubomir Boyadzhiev


Academician Iliya Bruchev       



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