150th Anniversary

of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

ISSN 2683-0302 (on line)
ISSN 0007-3989 (print)

Journal of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

"Journal of BAS" publishes materials in the following sections:

"Scientific Title",
"Public Discussion Club",
"History of Science",
"Portraits of Scientists",
"The Archives of the BAS",

"National and International Scientific Events"

"National Academic Network"

"Young Scientists, PhD, Postdoctoral Students"

"Student Institute" at BAS

"Anniversaries and Jubilees",
"Chronicle", "Posts"

The "Journal of BAS" is referenced and indexed in the following scientific information bases

150 Years "Journal of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences"
Succesor in charge to advance the mission of the "Periodical Journal of the Bulgarian Literary Society"
Publishing House of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
"Prof. Marin Drinov"
1113 Sofia, Acad. Georgi Bonchev Str., Bl.6, fl.2
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