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Meetings related to VarSITI in 2019

Forthcoming Events

Third Polar Data Forum     November 18÷22, 2019 - Helsinki, Finland

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web-address: https://polar-data-forum.org/

The 4th COSPAR Symposium Small satellites for sustainable Science and Development
November 4÷8, 2019, Herzliya, Israel                                                                               Read more

web-address: http://www.cospar2019.org/

Past Events

AGU Chapman Conference:
Scientific Challenges Pertaining to Space Weather Forecasting Including Extremes

February 11÷15, 2019 Pasadena, California, US                                                                   Read more

web-address: https://bit.ly/2v7XLjY

42nd annual Seminar on Physics of the auroral phenomena
March 11÷15, 2019, Apatity, Murmansk region, Russia                                                        Read more

web-address: http://pgia.ru/seminar/

Annual African Geophysical Society (AGS) Conference on Space Weather
March 25÷28 2019, Cairo, Egypt                                                       Read more       Look at report

web-address: http://www.spaceweather.edu.eg/AGS2019.html

VarSITI Closing Symposium                  June 10÷14, 2019, Sofia, Bulgaria                               Read more

web-address: http://newserver.stil.bas.bg/VarSITI2019/

Space Climate symposium 7     July 8÷11, 2019, Auberge Estrimont, Montreal, Quebec, Canada        Read more

web-address: http://craq-astro.ca/spaceclimate7/

16th AOGS Annual Meeting July 28÷August 02, 2019, Singapore

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web-address http://www.asiaoceania.org/aogs2019/public.asp?page=abstract.htm%C2%A0by

IRI Workshop September 2÷13, 2019, Nicosia, Cyprus

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web-address http://iri2019.frederick.ac.cy/